Rhyme Slaya 2016 free movie

Original name: Rhyme Slaya

Duration: 1h 37min

Premiere: 23 October 2016

Plot of Rhyme Slaya

A hip hop contest becomes a blood soaked splatter-fest as five contestants are brutally stalked and murdered.

“The Free World” starts with a close-up of a man talking to someone about getting used to captivity, and relating to them in the process. The revealing shot is of a dog, inside a pen that’s inside an animal shelter. The man, Boyd Holbrook ’s Mo Lundy, is a former convict with an ugly history of violence in prison who now tends to stray and abused dogs at the Second Hope Animal Shelter. The whimsy isn’t just in his constant framing behind cages, but in his boss too. Played by Octavia Spencer , she advises him with pulpy platitudes like, “Bury the past, or it will bury you.” 

We learn about Mo's past, which is curious on paper. He was known as “Cyclops” in prison, but has since found peace in Islam (he refers to himself as Mohammed) and lives alone. Said past does come up to haunt him when he provides shelter to Doris ( Elisabeth Moss ), who has murdered her abusive husband, a smug, macho cop. It’s directly hinted that her husband is abusive from an earlier scene, in which the couple came to the shelter with her bloodied dog, Charlie, that he proudly beat up. 

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